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Easy Blanket Pattern

Hello everyone, Today I’m going to show you a simple blanket pattern I will post some pictures of the finished product later 😉 here it goes
1. Chain 84 you can do more or less so long as it is in multiples of 42
2.In third Chain from hook do 2 double crochets skip a chain and do 2 more double crochets (in same chain) repeat till there is one chain left.
3.At last chain do one double crochet then chain 3 and turn.
4. you will notice holes/spaces in your blanket on the first one from your hook do two double crochets
Then go in next hole and do 2 more double crochets. Repeat till the end.
5. Chain 3 and turn repeat step 4 till there are enough rows on your blanket to satisfy you.

(This pattern is not mine it is a simple pattern I found while surfing the web for blanket ideas.)

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