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Hello everyone,

The crochet along challenge has ended! Well actually…. it really ended a while ago :). I haven’t had the time to post anything Haha well  I did do the challenge myself and I finished my blanket 🙂 I will be posting pictures of that soon! not only that but I have a new pattern I made myself! can you guess what it is? Leave your thoughts in the comments! Thanks!


crochet along challenge

Hi everybody, today we are doing a crochet along challenge simply we are going to crochet a blanket it doesn’t have to be huge but the smallest size your blanket could be is 16 chains and 12 rows if you are making larger stitches such as the treble or double crochet feel free to only do 9 rows 😉 remember no cheating! there will be no prize for the contest it is all in good fun
when you finish your project simply comment on THIS post saying that you did it some devices will allow you to add a picture in your comment if so please do! we would all be happy to see it 😉 so don’t be shy, give it a try give and have fun!

( the deadline will be january 20th until then i will do no posts but you can always come back to this at a later date than january 20th and do the challenge the only reason i have a deadline is so this post is always the first one to come up on my blog)