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So hey, (please do not murder me… I know its been a while…)

I decided to post a nice FAST knitting project. I will also post the video. Enjoy!


Okay, so this is an awesome baby hat to make if you know someone who had a baby, or is expecting. You can use any color.

Just make sure you use the right needle size. Different size needles will make different sized hats.

All right, here we go!

Well, enjoy the video! I will knit one as well!

P.s. No, I did not go crazy. I completely know this is a crocheting blog. Ā Just thought some knitters out there might like this.

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My Baby Blanket Picture


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How to single crochet

Another helpful video I found

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How To Crochet The Chain Video!

Hello, This is a video on how to do the chain in crochet This video is not mine.Just a helpful video I found.

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How To Read a Pattern

You are probably thinking “Patterns are to tricky to follow” Actually ‘there real easy to read, its all abbreviation!

The following abbreviations are used in crochet patterns

beg beginning

blo back loop only

ch chain

ch sp chain space

cont continue

cm: centimeters

dc: double crochet

dc2tog: double crochet 2 together

htr: half trebleĀ crochet

htr2tog: half treble crochet 2 together

in: inches

rem: remaining

rep: repeat

rnd: round

sc: single crochet

sl: slip stitch

st(s): stitche(s)

sp: space

tfl: through front loop

tr: treble

dtr:double treble

I know your thinking “whats a tr or a dc I will write about soon so stick around !




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